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Allergies can vary from childhood conditions e.g. atopic dermatitis & seborrhoeic dermatitis to adult allergies. Patients remain disheartened because of recurring nature of disease and frustrating outcome of treatments. Thus our aim is to provide them with an empathic environment wherein the treatment is done in consultation with the patient after discussing the expected outcomes of various treatment modalities available, so that the patient doesn’t feel left out. A systemic approach is used to reach to root cause of condition so as to achieve long term sustainable results.

Acne & Other Scars

A scar on an otherwise flawless face can be a cause of constant worry for a teenager and in a condition like acne the resultant scaring can have devastating results on patient’s confidence. An individualised treatment plan is devised using various medical and minimal invasive surgical modalities for scar reduction. Optimised use of laser and dermstamping further enhances the results. Multiple sessions are needed for optimal results.

Fungal Infections

With the emergence of drug resistance the innocuous appearing fungal infection or tinea has become difficult to cure. Patients are given the best medical therapy and combination available. Patients are educated about the behavioural changes needed to get rid of this disease. Thus a majority of our patients get permanent relief from this condition.


A radiant blemish free skin is desired by everybody. We help our patient’s in achieving a near perfect skin by using minimum medicines. A lot of emphasis is put on preventive measures. Patient’s skin is analysed to find out any patterned pigmentation e.g. melasma so that appropriately directed treatment can be given to achieve successful outcome. Procedures like chemical peels and photo facials are done where ever needed to further enhance the results.